Industrial Quality Services

Obtain a reliable work level is not just an attitude. Clients, shareholders, providers and society at large, have requirements, conditions and optimal values that are not always easy to achieve. Nevertheless, there are tools that allow to systematise operations under regulatory frameworks, along with continuously improving results and effects.

In Héctor E. Navarro we provide essential services so our clients can improve day-to-day their industrial processes, at the time it decreased their risk on environment, safety, labour hygiene and personnel turnover.

  • Environmental impact studies
  • Design of Environment Management System
  • Standard ISO 14001. Audits and Training for standard certification process
  • Audits of Occupational Safety and Health. Standard BS 8800 and OHSAS 18001
  • Training for standard certification process
  • Evaluation and Control of Risks
  • Emergency Response Plans
  • Procedures, safety permits; entrance in confined spaces, work at height
  • Accident Investigation
  • Developing of documents , renewal direction and permit-related management. Everything under current provincial and national regulations.
  • Task modelling and making of manuals under TIM standard for personnel, providers and clients.
  • Structured analysis and standardised (AMFE, SADT, FAST) of processes, focusing on continuous improvement.
  • Training plans on quality, environment, industrial safety and hygiene
  • Custom made training programs (theory and practice session)
  • Preparation for certification of ISO 9001 (Quality)


OHSAS 18001 - HEN Chemical Industrial Products
ISO 14001 - HEN Chemical Industrial Products
ISO 9001 - HEN Chemical Industrial Products