Servicios de Calidad Industrial

The vital element is key to up to the driest processes, at least there is always human consumption that requires specific characteristics on the input water and other characteristics in the water deposition.

Human and animal consuming water, as also water used in cement mixtures, requires verify on specific values of salts, acidity, metals, minerals and organic impurities.

In Héctor E. Navarro, we count on the experience of deal with the continuous purification of water for human consumption.

Sewage water treatment is a critical point in the environment impact management. The design, calculus and later administration of effluent facilities, while accurate, must balance between the construction size and the control capacity, in addition to seek harmony between effluents that are usually continuous and physical-chemical treatments that are usually time-dependant.

In Héctor E. Navarro, we have treated effluents of diverse types, including hydrocarbons, acids and alkalies. The experience and knowledge in toxic substances manipulation, puts the company in a great advantage to work on these matters.

A reduced environmental impact requires to consider the maximum water use efficiency. In this respect, and thanks to the advances of the specific technology, it is possible to decide between different levels of recycling, without it implies high energetic costs, general productivity lost or a decrease in the personnel work performance.

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